• Hands


    9 x 12...

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  • Back


    9 x 12...

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  • Derriere


    9 x 12...

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  • Abs


    9 x 12...

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  • Grace


    As a dancer, I have long had an interest in the human body as a machine of many interlocking parts,...

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  • Day Dreaming

    Day Dreaming

    What is a dream? To me, whether they are the waking reveries of our minds or more mysterious nocturnal fantasies,...

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  • Feather


    I seldom work in oil or acrylic paints, unless I am faced with a subject that cries out for them...

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  • Author


    One day, my friend Michael asked if I would do a pastel portrait of him for the dust jacket of...

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  • Jim


    I once had an elderly neighbor named Jim, who would come by my house looking for work. One day I...

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  • Gully


    Asheville is famous for its music and nightlife, especially the large as drumming gatherings of musicians and dancers. One of...

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  • Waiting for the Masquerade

    Waiting for the Masquerade

    I love to draw feathers with pastels because the marks pastels make have a wonderful feathery quality. Knowing this, my...

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  • Medallion


    Years ago, in Europe, I saw a wonderful pastel from the 1890’s of a woman wearing a head wrap and...

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  • Intrusion


    Intrusion represents one of those happy accidents that turn a routine modeling session into an unexpected happening. While I was...

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  • The Girl

    The Girl

    At first glance, this conte drawing may look like a typical studio drawing of a nameless model. However, I concentrated...

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  • Blue Ribbon

    Blue Ribbon

    Blue Ribbon is a second study of the young woman who appears in Red Wrap. On this day, she arrived...

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  • Red Wrap

    Red Wrap

    The model that posed for Red Wrap arrived at my studio in a bit of a dither. She was having...

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  • Poor Joe

    Poor Joe

    Diane Sawyer reported on national television about the large number of children in this very prosperous nation who lived with...

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  • Heritage


    Heritage represents three ages of womanhood. The triadic theme is an old one and it appears in many cultures, including...

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  • Scarf


    In Scarf, I have tried to create a duality and strong sense of contrast between thought and action in the...

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  • Brooke


    The statue of Brooke uses much the same pose as two of my pastels, Intrusion and Red Wrap. The figure...

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  • Grateful


    In the marble sculpture of “Grateful”, I have taken the basic pose used in the preparatory drawing, keeping the reach...

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  • Pink


    Watching Pink perform at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards program, I was so impressed with her physical skills and artistry...

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  • Storm


    Storm represents two contrasting figures struggling against the powers of nature. The woman is looking back as if she has...

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